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We are constantly looking for motivated, hard working undergraduate and graduate students, as well as Postdoctoral fellows to join our group!
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Currently open positions:

Modeling of silicon/germanium spin qubits

Post-doc, starting early 2023

A post-doctoral position is open at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble (IRIG) of the CEA Grenoble (France) on the theory and modeling of silicon/germanium spin quantum bits (qubits).
The selected candidate is expected to start early 2023, for up to three years.
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PhD position on the multi-scale modeling of materials and devices for quantum computing

PhD, starting autumn 2021

A fully funded PhD position on multi-scale modeling for quantum computing is open at CEA Grenoble, France. The PhD is expected to start autumn 2021 and lasts three years.
This PhD thesis is funded by a grant from CEA.
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Kondo cloud extension

Post-doc, starting in January 2021

We’re hiring a post-doctoral researcher to investigate the spatial extension of the Kondo screening cloud around semi-conductor quantum dots. This 2 years post-doc is funded by the ANR project “KONEX”.
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Electron Spin Resonance in silicon CMOS spin qubits

Master project, starting early 2021

As a master student, you will develop by nano-fabrication high frequency antenna on top of a CMOS spin qubit coming from the LETI cleanroom to perform electron spin resonance. You will use a dry (no liquid helium) dilution cryostat equipped with a multi-axis superconducting magnet and radio-frequency electronics to characterize the high frequency antenna and conclude on the feasibility of electron spin resonance with CMOS spin qubits. This project can evolve into a PhD thesis project consisting in the realization of quantum operations in CMOS-based device. Find the complete offer here.

Superconducting Devices in Silicon

Master project, starting early 2021

The master internship that can be followed by a PhD thesis, focuses on the development and the study at very low temperature of CMOS compatible superconducting materials. The aim of the project is to fabricate superconducting silicon transistors where the source and drain are superconducting. Various materials can be envisaged such as silicides (PtSi, V3Si) and superconducting boron doped silicon (Si:B) obtained by laser annealing. At longer term, during the PhD, superconducting qubit based on gate tunable Josephson junctions will be investigated. Find the complete offer here.

Ballistic semiconductor-superconductor hybrid devices

Master project, starting early 2021

The master student will join a small experimental team already working on the realization of hybrid devices based on Ge/SiGe heterostructures coming from a collaboration with QuTech (Delft). The goal of the project will be to perform low-temperature magneto-transport measurements to study the strength of the superconducting proximity effect and its dependence on applied magnetic fields. The results of this master project will be used to design more complex devices for a variety of original experiments to be pursued in a following PhD project. Find the complete offer here.

 Heat management in Silicon spin qubits networks

Master project, starting early 2021

This master project, possibly followed by a PhD thesis, will focus on fundamental questions concerning thermal aspects in the novel quantum devices. It will aim at the experimental realization of primary electronic thermometers embedded in a semiconductor qubit architecture. The devices will consist of gate-defined multiple quantum-dot structures, in which one of the quantum dots is used as a local, non-galvanic thermometer.
Find the complete offer : here.